“Architectural memes”: about influence, legacy and hurry in architecture

Architectural memes” was originally posted in Italian last march in our blog.

As a reprint it will be officially published on the Italian architecture webzine “Channelbeta” next week. Here is a preview for our aficionados.

I don’t think it is just my impression.

Global architecture, I mean that of great works and major international firms, that finds space even in non-specialized press, is becoming more and more similar to itself. Perhaps because of the bulk amount of information arriving in real time in our devices always connected to the network, we often are surprised to notice similarities, analogies, contaminations between works designed by architects from different countries, sometimes even from different continents.

Until recently it was commonly believed that, after the end of the Grand Theories and with national identities less and less marked, in fact it was the single architecture firm individualism to emerge, each one committed to grow and boost its brand recognition over competitors:  a Gehry’s building was immediately identifiable, we would have never confused it – citing some other name of the best known – with another one by Jean Nouvel, or Zaha Hadid, or H&DeM, or MVRDV: everyone with their approach, their own personal lexicon. Until recently.



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