safety shelter deposit box

In every state will not be separated from natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, fires, landslides, storms can happen every day. The idea is build a  pavilion will also serve as a container of safety for residents.

Spaces at the shelter will be very flexible for use as a place to activity, and socializing for residents. With unique shapes and spaces that can create a spectrum of activity is expected to create an active space, which will be a place people move around all day even to night

Pavilion  locations will be selected as a safe area the and will cover  a certain radius of the residential population, residents will be directed towards this place in case of disaster. The use of flashy colors will be a concern for citizens around.

Modules design makes it easy packing, Inside the building modules will be filled by goods that are needed at the time of the disaster, Water, Food (rations), Blanket, First aid kits, Clothes, baby kits, rescue tools, Medicine,Tent, manual safety and rubber boat .

Pavilion will be designed to withstand earthquakes, when flooding the entire building is to be able to float so the  residents  temporary can take refuge in this place. These modules can be disassembled and their contents can be used for survival. The Pavilion Construction is also able to survive in a volatile land with a floating foundation system.

Sustainability has been a key driver in the design, use of local materials hardwood with a simple construction which allows buildable of Pavilion.

The Pavilion have been designed and planned carefully to maximize the environmental benefits as well as to create meaningful ties with the surrounding, and also with this strategy will serve a safety point for man and environmentally friendly.



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