Low Cost Housing Industri Dalam-Bandung

Has been selected along top winning for exhibition at UDESIGN Monterrey (d3 Housing Competition )

“High density living attached with various activities and respect to the new context creates better living for tomorrow “

Our vision is to restore the socio-cultural roots of western Java with the pack in the pattern of daily life, making it a unique color with greater social impact for the future. Developing Country such as Indonesia is very sensitive with social transformation, with radical urbanism trend to make them forget the roots of its culture, all busy pursuing their goals, so caring for others and the environment had begun to fade.

Our concept “kampoong in the Air” is a container for these activities, limited land is an issue that is growing along with the urbanization that occurred in Indonesia, therefore we design a home activity to be appointed to the realm of vertical, so the issue can be overcome limited land but the kampoong activities can be accommodated.

Some activities are emerged is social interaction, by providing lots of communal facilities, and a javanese childhood game such as gatrik, sapintrong, anjang-anjangan, sorodot gaplok, ulin kaleci dan ulin layangan that have been entrenched since 400 years ago, and had not experienced by children Today, kids today would rather play playstation or Tamiya and they have to pay for playing it.

The ground floor of the building vacated for playgrounds and commercial areas, residential units located on floors 2, 3 and 4, while the 5th floor is a means for village activities. Residential units adapted to the needs of Indonesia in general, the type of 36m2, 54m2 and type type 72m2, where 54 is 1.5 times of type 36 and type 72 is the type of 2 times 36, so that all types can be conditioned in accordance with the needs, for example: a families living in the type 36 have grown children and need a new room, then these shelters can be renovated into 54 types by sliding partitions a half module. the building mass following the pattern of the type of building occupancy combined with a communal room and hallway as a means of circulation, so the module is formed as pixels, and then given the voids to create a visual connection between floors. Vertical circulation using the 6 stairs for daily use, for disaster is also provide 6 stairs in every corner of the building, for traders who use the carts provided by the ramp that connects to the 5th floor.

Using the principles of sustainable design and green design, the facade using vines with pixel pattern (for meyaring air and reduce the heat), cross ventilation (keep the room temperature remains cool, the foyer and communal spaces, so that does not require air conditioning), green plants on each floor filled communal spaces, natural lighting (light is inserted through the voids, the reflection can illuminate the whole dwelling, so that does not require light during the day), water efficiency (rain water processing to be used for watering plants and flushing toilets), using local materials (such as cement, sand, stone and brick), and use of biogas reactors (to produce methane gas from human waste used for cooking, can also turn on electricity, using diesel generators with a mixture of 30% and 70% methane gas to produce up to 10,000 kwh of energy )


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