Wanna be architect??

Architecture like many things is about many things, so this some things out about architecture. Architect start getting into the school, then staying in the major, working harder then you use to, all nighter, problem solving, fine tuning, bad habit, getting side track, learning how to draw, make models, learning how to nervous you can get in front of crowd, maybe failing probably passing, getting in to degree, DEATH, Travelling, working, not getting pay so well (not wondering why you not an investment banker), finishing the intern development programme, studying seven part of your exam, taking the test, failing the one part you never told you never failed, taking it again, working for someone, getting client, keeping client, wondering why you took the exam, documenting the site, analyzing the site, evaluating zoning code, listening to the client, dreaming, inventing, learning, questioning, studying the programme, creating the schematic design, making changes, developing the design, making changes, wondering why you have clients, learning how to work with other people, evaluating complying to zoning to building code, working with structure engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, audio visual engineer, interior designer, landscape architect, construction manager, owner representative, general contractor, coordinating professional, drawing, plan, elevation, section, wall section, building section detail, redrawing the draw you just drew, writing specification, meeting with a client, making changes, preparing bid document, reviewing the bids, making decisions, absorbing the construction, problem solving, meeting with the client, making changes, argument with the contractor, teaching a little, learning a lot, running site meeting, making changes, losing sleep, creating changes order, getting earfull, doing punchless, approving final payment, working for yourself, hiring people, firing people, learning the law, putting all together, making money, working harder, dreaming the changes, inventing, inspiring, procreating, consuming, getting you always wanted, not really, living with what you got and hopefully, needing nothing more,


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